NavStar Audio Tech

Selecting Quality Cheap Car CD Player

There are various advantages and benefits you need to look for when wanting to purchase a car entertainment system . You will come across double din units, single din Car Multimedia Systems, overhead Car Multimedia Systems, and headrest players. Taking a closer look for comparison, will most probably be your best bet. Starting with the double din player, we find that most people need to know the difference between a double din and the single din players. DIN is a common standard used to help one measure the size of the car audio head units. Your double DIN is bigger in size as it measures 4 x 7 inches, whereas the single DIN measures 2 x 7 inches. If you have a bigger car, then the double DIN could be your obvious choice, sometimes. Allways, check your car specs first.

When choosing an affordable cheap car CD player , you may want to also consider adding Headrest monitors, as it is far more convenient for the rear passengers, on longer trips. The design of the headrest monitors, is such that it allows the passengers in the rear to enjoy music, games and movies without it taking up any extra space. Besides, it makes your car interior really look good and it increases the resell value or your vehicle.

Better Cheap Car DVD Players

Navstar has many affordable rear car stereo monitors. Which include high definition, wide screen displays that come standard with the systems, AC adapters, IR/FM transmitter, a game jack, two remote control units, two wireless headsets, and two video game controllers. A more viable option which can be a better choice for watching movies, for the rear seat passengers, are the Overhead car DVD players. These are easily fitted into the roof of your vehicle, for easy viewing by the rear seat passengers and activated by merely pressing the button on the remote, to allow your monitors to fold down, for the passengers viewing pleasure. Navstar rear view dvd monitors, normally range in size from 12 inches up to 24 inches. The beauty of these affordable and cheap car DVD players is that everyone in the car can hear and see the action displayed on the monitors.

These overhead DVD players are compatible with wireless headphones to block out road sounds, enabling passengers to concentrate on the movie they are watching. Navstar car audio systems integrates many other feature rich components, into each car stereo, including; auxiliary inputs to allow playback from your other favorite portable media players, from many different formats, from the front panel inputs for connecting external audio devices. These simple plug and play audio connections provides a higher level of sound quality, that are seamlessly built into the GPS navigational receivers, that are also included in many of the Navstar car entertainment systems.